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Erwin is a local musician with over 15 years experience in band and ensemble settings.  Specializing in guitar and bass, he has worked with the El Paso Youth Opera on several occasions leading to performances in places such as The Scottish Rite Theater, The Chamizál, and The Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex in Canyon, TX.  With over a year as a band director at Let There Be Rock School, Erwin has his sights set on passing his performance experience on to a new generation, while lending his talents to local musicians.


I am a family man, luthier, and singer-songwriter/musician playing guitar, bass, drums, and mandolin, born and raised in El Paso, TX.  I have played music from a young age and have gotten to perform in several bands that opened for groups like Belknap, Starflyer 59, and Cursive, as well as toured with the Smiley Kids as their drummer on their farewell tour.  I studied Culinary Arts at CCTE then, English Literature, and History at UTEP before dropping out and taking an apprenticeship with Barry Martin of Frets and Necks Guitar Specialty for 2 years to become a luthier. I moved to Hartsville, SC and started Frets and Necks-SC along with B.A. Ferguson Guitars.  While in business in SC for 15 years, I specialized in all stringed instrument repair, manufacturing, retail, lessons, as well as running live sound. Some notable musicians who play B.A. Ferguson Guitars are Zack Feinberg (The Revivalists) and Andrew Synowiec, who plays on scores for Pixar movies, Cobra Kai, etc.  Eventually, I moved back to El Paso in 2018 with my family after converting a school bus into and RV.  I still continue to play music.  My main project being called “Matrimony’s Façade” streaming on all platforms.  I also play and sing cover songs for hire with my friends in “The Gypsy Cab Co” who also has original music I play drums on throughout all streaming platforms.  Thanks for letting me teach you all drums! 


Karla is a bilingual singer-songwriter

with a bachelor's degree in Commercial Music and Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso. Her vocal training includes commercial music styles such as rock, jazz, pop, classical music, and music theater. Besides working in music performance, writing, and production, she has been teaching voice, composition, and introductory piano since 2016. Therefore, fulfilling her passion for exploring and sharing different music genres with both her peers and students. a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.



Christina Ramirez is a pianist currently on her 4th year majoring in music performance at the University of Texas at El Paso. She has always had a piano at home and naturally started to learn songs by herself, but it was not until college when she started to take music more seriously. Teaching the art of music has been her goal since high school. This is where she found the love and power that music can provide. Not only is music a universal language, but also an outlet for enjoyment and expression. Taking on the challenge to learn a new instrument is not an easy path to take, but with the right teacher the journey will be fun and engaging!


Steve Vazquez is a guitarist from El Paso, TX. He has been playing music for over ten years. He graduated from the University of Texas in El Paso and earned his bachelor's degree in commercial music. He was a part of a group of students who went to Colombia as part of a university exchange program where jazz workshops and performances were given and attended. He has played in many different groups, ranging from jazz fusion to country. A group he was in, Of Two Minds, released their EP 'Precedents' in 2018. He is currently working on multiple projects with local musicians and is pursuing a career in education.


I am a local musician playing in bands for 10 years. I can play multiple instruments (bass, drums, guitar, etc.) and multiple genres. I have sincerely enjoyed teaching others how to get started in playing music and empower them to find their own creative voice.  Music is an unspoken language with no boundaries that is constantly evolving. I am personable and am equipped with great communicative skills to convey such abstract concepts in a cohesive manner.


Jose Luis Ibave (JR Sabbath) 

Music instructor from El Paso TX.

Graduate of music composition from The Conservatory of Music in Chihuahua MX.

Music profesor since 2012 in the El Paso / Juarez / Las Cruces area.

Musician and performer with more than 15yrs experience. 

Studio musician and composer.


Manny Lozano Has been playing guitar for about 16 years. Toured with the band “Triumph Over Shipwreck “ at a national level and released two eps. Founder and Composer of Spanish Black metal band “Hunhua Mitnal” Founder and Composer of the instrumental band “I-Artifact “ and toured nationally with one full-length album. Band leader of jazz group “footprints” performs frequently at restaurants, galleries, and art events. Touring guitarist for the cumbia band “tropicalismo Apache”.


El Paso native Stephen Pugh is a professional guitarist, bassist, saxophonist, and oboist with more than 20 years of experience performing across the country. He is a graduate of the Armed Forces School of Music and a former member of the 36th Army Band, where he performed in a variety of classical, jazz, and rock ensembles, entertaining audiences all across the southwest. Upon completing his enlistment in the military he pursued a career in studio engineering, graduating from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2008.  He has worked as a freelance recording engineer and live sound specialist ever since. Upon returning to El Paso, he has focused on giving back to the musical community that first inspired his passion for the performing arts by teaching the next generation of musicians, continuing a family tradition of teaching that spans 6 generations. Stephen's primary teaching philosophy is to help each student discover the intersection between passion and discipline. Using his real world experience and diverse academic knowledge, he equips his students with the tools of conventional music theory and the instrumental skillsets necessary for success at every level of musicianship


Nicole is a singer, guitarist and bassist who is currently majoring in public relations with a minor in music at UTEP. She started her music career by attending the El Paso Conservatory of Music in high school. Her training led her to performances on NPR's From the Top and ultimately St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Her focus recently has been on contemporary music, playing bass and singing in Hope Riot, including a set at Neon Desert Music Festival 2016. She currently plays and records as a solo artist under the moniker Tooths. 

Paul Ward

Paul Ward is a musician, producer, and educator from El Paso, Texas. He is the owner of Nevermore Records, LLC, a record label and production company, and of Nevermore Guitars, LLC, a guitar manufacturing company. 

For more than two decades he’s played in a variety of bands, most recently with Texas Cut Throat, and as an artist has spent time recording in studios with renowned producers. Learning tips and tricks along the way, he began his own journey into the world of music production with his first home studio in 2001. 

Paul has worked with many artists across all genres from metal and alternative rock to hip hop and electronic music; songs he’s produced have seen well over two million in streams. In addition to music, he also produces a variety of podcast shows that have gained momentum within their respective realm. Alongside his musical journey, Paul spent over a decade in the field of education; achieving two masters degrees, completed PhD coursework, and going from a classroom teacher (elementary to college) to an administrator, to eventually becoming a director of academics for a local school district. Alongside a handful of fellow educators, he opened a new middle and high school in the El Paso area. He subsequently left the field to devote time to combining his love for both music and education. Paul has since partnered with Pepe Clarke Magaña to bring music production classes and one-on-one sessions to El Paso’s Let There Be Rock School’s east campus. The studio is available for bands to record their music, and for anyone wanting to record a podcast. 

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