Christina Ramirez is a pianist currently on her 4th year majoring in music performance at the University of Texas at El Paso. She has always had a piano at home and naturally started to learn songs by herself, but it was not until college when she started to take music more seriously. Teaching the art of music has been her goal since high school. This is where she found the love and power that music can provide. Not only is music a universal language, but also an outlet for enjoyment and expression. Taking on the challenge to learn a new instrument is not an easy path to take, but with the right teacher the journey will be fun and engaging!


Nicole is a singer, guitarist and bassist who is currently majoring in public relations with a minor in music at UTEP. She started her music career by attending the El Paso Conservatory of Music in high school. Her training led her to performances on NPR's From the Top and ultimately St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Her focus recently has been on contemporary music, playing bass and singing in Hope Riot, including a set at Neon Desert Music Festival 2016. She currently plays and records as a solo artist under the moniker Tooths. 


I am a local musician playing in bands for 10 years. I can play multiple instruments (bass, drums, guitar, etc.) and multiple genres. I have sincerely enjoyed teaching others how to get started in playing music and empower them to find their own creative voice.


Music is an unspoken language with no boundaries that is constantly evolving. I am personable and am equipped with great communicative skills to convey such abstract concepts in a cohesive manner.


Jose Luis Ibave (JR Sabbath) 

34 years old.

Music instructor from El Paso TX.

Graduate of music composition from The Conservatory of Music in Chihuahua MX.

Music profesor since 2012 in the El Paso / Juarez / Las Cruces area.

Musician and performer with more than 15yrs experience. 

Studio musician and composer.